About Gardens2you


Gardens2you is an online garden brand whose sole focus is to provide a unique and varied range of garden ornaments and accessories to help you create outdoor spaces you’re proud of.

Born in 2007 out of a love for everything garden, we were initially a site solely selling plants and shrubs, however quickly changed our focus to concentrate on garden Ornaments and Accessories. We haven’t looked back since and whilst our passion for gardening will always be at the centre of everything we do, it’s our love of unique garden products that drives us forward.

Being a solely online retailer, we understand the importance of the user experience and we strive every day to ensure that your online shopping experience is interactive, enjoyable, easy and most of all safe.


So why do we do this? Well it’s because we just love gardens. Being outdoors, whether it’s relaxing or gardening away, we just can’t get enough and we know you can’t either.

Garden Ornaments & Accessories are something that can be used by all gardeners to enhance the work they do with planting and landscaping, however, most are unaware of the variety available to them. This is why we are here. To provide a high quality, unique range of products from all over the world, that would otherwise never find their way to the gardens of the UK.


Over the years our product range has increased from just a few gnomes and a couple of planters to a wide variety of all types of garden accessories. We have both classic and contemporary garden ornaments, including anything from colourful resin Mushrooms to cast iron Tarantulas. Our range of garden Lighting and Wall Art is ideal for brightening up all areas of your garden, whilst we are constantly extending our Bird Care collection in an attempt to attract the beautiful British birds to your gardens.

One of our main focuses is bringing you something that is unique at an affordable price. Therefore, we search the globe to discover products that you often won’t find anywhere else. From experience we’ve found that when it comes to your garden, taste is a very personal matter and so having a wide range of products is necessary to cater for all these vastly different preferences.


Gardens2you is part of Urban33 Limited and is based in Northamptonshire. The success of Gardens2you has been incredibly influential in Urban33’s success, which now operates multiple online stores all offering the same high quality products and service.

Further Information

Gardens2you is owned and operated by Urban33 Limited registered in England and Wales company number 6570262.

Urban33 Limited, Unit 1 Plot 8, Sanders Lodge Industrial Estate, Rushden, NN10 6BQ

TEL: 01933 359436 (Weekdays 9am-4.30pm)
EMAIL: ask-monty@gardens2you.co.uk

Registered in the UK for V.A.T registration number 937125619

For more information on our business please visit www.urban33.co.uk