Bird Baths

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Bird Baths

We offer a unique collection of bird baths for the garden, these not only make stunning ornaments but also have a use in attracting and keeping wildlife in your garden.

All our bird baths are made from high quality materials that will last all year round in the garden, the selection includes designs in metal, cast iron, terracotta and resin. Each bath has been selected by our buyers for it’s unique looks and we think that our collection of bird baths would make ideal gardeners gifts, perfect for garden or wildlife lovers.

Bird baths are perfect to have in the garden all year round as they give birds a place to rest and drink and also a place to wash. It is often forgotten that birds need to wash themselves just like us and bird baths, hence the name, are designed just for that. We would recommend that you empty the baths around every two to three weeks and during hot weather don’t forget to top them up with water to.

Many of our bird baths can also be used as Bird Feeders in the garden to, perfect if you can’t make your mind up as to which design to buy.

Feeding and giving water for birds is an important part of having a garden as it helps to encourage all sorts of wildlife. Birds are also ideal to have in your gardens as they often eat aphides and pests that attack our plants. The most important part of offering anything for birds or any wildlife in the garden is that you keep it up, giving them a place they know they can always come to for water or food.