Bird Feeders

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Bird Feeders

At Gardens2you we stock a wide selection of bird feeders for the garden, made in many durable materials such as cast iron, wood, metal and more. Our feeders have been made not only to look good in the garden but also last through any weather condition and be easy for the birds to feed from.

Feeding the birds is an important responsibility we have to the environment, often during Winter months it is hard for birds to find food and by simply adding a bird feeder to your garden you can attract many species of bird to your outdoor space.

If you do decided to add a bird feeder to your garden, remember birds need food all year round but you must make sure that you keep the feeder topped up. There is nothing worse than attracting birds to your garden and then stop feeding them. This is because the birds will become reliant on you putting food out, rather than them scavenge for their own food, if you stop this can have a damaging effect on the birds.

Garden bird feeders also make a great gardening gift idea for someone you know or love, not only can they offer something attractive to add to your garden they will help attract wildlife to. Feeders are the perfect gift idea for someone who loves gardening or bird watching.
We also stock a wonderful range of garden Bird Baths as well, perfect to have along side a feeder as birds need to drink and wash themselves.