Bird Houses

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Bird Houses

How about offering somewhere a little bit special for birds to nest in your garden? I am sure you would prefer to live in your house than trees or bushes so why not treat your garden & birds to a posh house to live in.

Bird house, or nest boxes, are ideal to place around the garden for birds to find and nest in. Make sure when you select the place you are going to mount the bird box that predators, such as cats, can’ easily get to the box. All our bird houses have been designed to suit many types of birds and come in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles. From very simple and modest houses to posh ‘mansion’ style birdhouses, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

If you invest in a bird box and top tip in the Spring months is to put some nesting material out for the birds to use. This could be anything from a pile of smaller twigs, to old wool, anything that the birds can use to nest in your box or in your garden.

All our boxes have been design to live outside all year round and are frost and weather resistant.

Why not take a look at our complete range of garden Bird Care for more ideas on feeding and attracting birds to your garden this year.