Garden Lanterns

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Garden Lanterns

A traditional sight in many gardens are lanterns, an item that has been used for many hundreds of years from mines to weddings lanterns have so many uses.

Our collection includes traditional design lanterns that can offer a simple look in the garden, to more modern designs of lanterns that add a touch of contemporary living to your outdoor space. All our lanterns have not only been selected for their good looks, but also the durability of the lantern when it is used outside in the garden. We do always suggest however that during the Winter months when you are not using your outdoor living space it is always best to bring your lanterns inside, this also means they can have a dual use being used in the home as well.

Our lanterns can easily be lite with either a tealight or for the large lanterns smaller candles, each will give a stunning glow sure to look great on your patio, terrace, decking or any type of outdoor space.

If you love the look of our lanterns for the garden then why not take a look at our collection of teallight Holders for the garden too.

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