Gnome Garden Ornaments

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Gnome Garden Ornaments

A fun and modern selection of garden gnomes, the more traditional and sometimes frowned upon ornament for gardens has been a part of garden history for many years. Gnomes are perfect to add a touch of humour to the garden, but we also have in our collection gnomes that will add a touch of contemporary to your outdoor space.

Garden gnomes were introduced into the UK in 1847 by Sir Charles Isham, not far from our head office in fact in Northamptonshire. He owned Lamport Hall and brought back 21 terracotta gnome from Germany which he placed around the gardens of the hall. Only one of these gnomes sadly survives today, ‘Lampy’ as he is called and currently he is insured for £1 million.

Well we don’t sell £1 million gnomes here are Gardens2you, but we do offer a unique range of gnomes made from many materials such as terracotta, a popular choice for gnomes, or in resin which is becoming more popular as it will last longer in the garden. We choose gnomes not only for what they are made from and how durable they will be in the garden, but also their character. This is the most important aspect of any gnome, his looks, he has to have a charm and look about him that will bring a smile to anyone’s face that see’s him.

We hope that our range of gnomes brings a smile to your face, if you love these guys then why not take a look at our range of Mushroom garden ornaments, these are perfect to compliment our garden gnome range.