Windspinners & Chimes

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Windspinners & Chimes

This range has proven very popular with our customers as wind spinners are ideal to add movement, light & reflection to any garden or outdoor space.

We have selected a range of wind Chimes which can be used in the garden or add to windows in the home. These chimes are ideal to add a subtle sound to your living space, often giving a sense of calm and tranquility to you life. Chimes can also be used around areas of the garden you want to keep birds or animals away from, customers find these ideal for vegetable patches or allotments as they not only look great but serve a purpose too.

Our range of wind Spinners has always been a long term favourite of our customers and we often sell out quickly of new and exciting designs. Ideal to hang anywhere in the garden or home our spinners not only add movement but often they can add light and reflection too. Just like our wind chimes we also recommend the spinners to be used around vegetable patches or allotments as they too can help to keep birds away from your veggies.

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