Movable Garden Ornaments

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Movable Garden Ornaments

Looking for something different for the garden then this range of movable ornaments is the place to start. These rocking and moving ornaments look great in any garden and they add some movement and often reflection to your outdoor space. Each of these designs has been chosen to offer you something different for the garden and often make the perfect gift for a garden lover.

Our rocking Cockerel bird ornament is one of our best selling in the range as it sits on a stand moving away in the wind as it is trying to peck at the ground! This style also comes in a Crow design to, plus we have a large range of rocking bird ornaments now available.

We also think these moving ornaments are ideal to pop in a veg patch as when they are moving away in the breeze they can often deter birds from stealing your hard work. A few ornaments in the range also have reflective surfaces which can also help to deter birds from veggies. If you have this problem then also take a look at our garden Windspinner range to, these hang and turn in the breeze to add some more movement.