Buddha Garden Ornaments

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Buddha Garden Ornaments

Buddha’s add a touch of tranquility and eastern style to any garden and we have put together an outstanding and often unique range to suit any garden space. The range is a popular choice for japenese themed gardens, or any garden that requires a focal point ornament and we love Buddha’s as they can change the whole mood of an outdoors space.

Our collection includes detailed designs of Buddha’s in resin & terracotta and many sizes of Buddha’s from small to very large to give you an excellent collection to choose from. All our Buddha’s are designed for outside but can be just as happy inside the house as in the garden. Frost & weather resistant is something we always consider when selecting Buddha ornaments to add to our range. All the Buddha’s can happliy love outside all year round, we would always suggest however during bad winters (often the case in the UK) that if you are not using your outdoor space it would be best to bring your Buddha, or indeed any ornament inside.

Check out our collection of Stainless Steel Garden Ornaments as we think these can look great alongside Buddha’s for a tranquil and relaxed feel for the garden. Our range of stainless steel sphere’s complement the Buddha’s well and are perfect for a Japenese theme.

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