Cast Iron Ornaments

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Cast Iron Ornaments

Cast iron has been used for many, many years for garden Ornaments in outdoor spaces. It is a very durable material that offers many choices of finishes and ages well over time with the elements. Cast iron can often be used in gardens that lend themselves to a more ‘cottage garden’ feel as it often comes in a ‘rusty’ brown finish, which can help to aged the ornament as well as the garden it is situated in.

Our collection of cast iron ornaments has everything from insects and birds to larger more contemporary designs of garden ornaments. Each is often finished by hand to give it a touch of uniqueness that you won’t find in other materials used in ornaments.

Cast iron is also frost resistant and over time if untreated with aged and rusty which often only adds to the style of the ornament in the garden. We have selected ornaments that have already been treated with acid to offer a real ‘rusty’ finish to the ornaments.

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