Door Knockers & Bells

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Door Knockers & Bells

Here we have our selection of door knockers and door bells for the home and garden. A unique selection of accessories for your doors or garden that also make perfect gift ideas too.

Our bells are ideal to mount near a door to the home or even aro(und the garden to ring for attention, perhaps a good idea to ring when dinner is ready for busy, nose down gardener’s who forget what the time is when busy digging away. Often in decorative designs our bells can easily be mounted to walls, fences or sheds to give not only a usefull accessory but also a decorative one too.

We also stock a range of door knockers ideal to mount on a door in the home, or maybe even on the shed ( aka man cave ) to let people know they want to see or find you.

All our door accessories are delivered for free in the UK on our standard delivery, if you are in a hurry then you can also select our next day service too.

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