Summer Garden Favourites Collection – 9 Packs of Mr Fothergill’s Flower Seeds


Summer Garden Favourites Collection – 9 Packs of Mr Fothergill’s Flower Seeds

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Mr Fothergill’s Summer Garden Favourites Collection of flower seeds, 9 varieties included, a combination of hardy and half hardy annuals and perennials. A perfect set for filling up borders for colour and life.

Full sowing and growing information and tips on each seed packet.

Lobelia Crystal Palace (Lobelia erinus):

  • Average 2500 seeds
  • Deep blue flowers set off by rich, bronzed foliage
  • Low growing, compact, perfect for containers and beds

Pansy Swiss Giants Mixed (Viola x wittrockiana):

  • Average 150 seeds
  • Cheerful faces on large bright blooms
  • Versatile, for beds, borders and all containers

Poppy Iceland Mixed (Papaver nudicaule):

  • Average 2000 seeds
  • Superb in cottage gardens and informal settings
  • Beautiful, vibrant blooms, great on the patio in pots

Mesembryanthemum Livingstone Daisy Mixed (Dorotheanthus bellidiformis):

  • Average 2000 seeds
  • Low growing and compact, tolerates dry conditions
  • Wonderfully bright, sun-loving annual

Stock Virginian Mixed (Malcolmia maritima):

  • Average 2000 seeds
  • Easy to grow for delicate scent and colour
  • Sprinkle anywhere, from border gaps to paving cracks

Aster Duchess Mixed (Callistephus chinensis):

  • Average 250 seeds
  • Large, incurved, crysanthemum-like heads
  • A favourite for late summer colour and cutting

Cosmos Sensation Mixed (Cosmos bipinnatus):

  • Enough for 120 plants
  • Superb flowers and attractive foliage, great for the back of borders
  • Reliable border plant whatever the summer weather

Marigold (African) Crackerjack Mixed (Tagetes erecta):

  • Enough for 120 plants
  • Adds height and colour to borders, an ideal space filler
  • Free-flowering, great for formal and informal plantings

Marigold (French) Dwarf Double Mixed (Tagetes patula):

  • Enough for 150 plants
  • Easy and free-flowering, whatever the weather
  • Bedding, border and patio displays all summer long
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